The Relevance AI Docs

Welcome to the documentation for Relevance AI! You'll find learning material on vectors, comprehensive guides to help you start working in the Qualitative Cloud and an interactive API reference where you can make requests using your credentials and see real responses.

Want a ready-made, hosted search engine for your data?

Read our semantic search post which will take you through setting up a Search App for datasets.

Looking to integrate vector data and operations into your app via API?

Explore the Open API Specification in our magical API Reference and log in to test real endpoint queries without leaving the page!

Log In button for Relevance AI API referenceLog In button for Relevance AI API reference

Using your Relevance AI account means that when you run a request from our docs, you'll see your data and not just dummy examples. It's like documentation, key management and Postman all in one.

Interested in bringing Relevance AI into your existing data pipeline?

Check out our Python Notebook Recipes which will guide you through workflows, providing context at every step.