Combine Clusters

On this page, we will explain more advanced options when working with clusters on the Explorer app. First, you need to activate the cluster explorer mode as explained on Data and Cluster explorer or as instructed in the image below:


Relevance AI - Set up Cluster explorer in the Explorer App

Scroll down to see the individual clusters (i.e. cluster cards) and you will have access to advanced setup options on the bottom right.

Combine clusters

Warning: This is not undoable. To get the original clusters back, you will need to rerun clustering.
If the content of some clusters is very similar, you might want to merge them together. For instance, when analysing email text, you are likely to have clusters on different ways of starting the email (e.g. Hello, Hi, Dear ..., etc.). It is possible to merge these together into one cluster as general greetings.
To do so, on the bottom right of a cluster card, click on the advance setup, and select "Merge with clusters".


Relevance AI - Access the merge cluster setting

And select the cluster you wish to merge the current cluster with from the drop-down menu.


Relevance AI - Merge with clusters

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