Explorer Overview

Excellent tools for understanding data and presenting the embedded insights

An overview of the Explorer app

The Explorer app is the most recent, most sophisticated, most expansive and the easiest way to find insights and hidden trends in your data. It can be used directly after the data is uploaded to the Relevance AI's platform.
Optionally, and to benefit from vector analysis, we recommend vectorizing and clustering your data too. Then the full potential of the Explorer app is at your hand. You can read more about vectors and clusters at New to vectors? and What is clustering.



The Explorer app is a great tool to facilitate discovering hidden insights in a dataset.

Access the Explorer app

This tool is listed under Apps. Click on the Explorer on the left-hand bar and you will be directed to a page with 4 main sections marked with A, B, C and E in the below images; a fifth section, section D only exists if clusters are being viewed. Each section is dedicated to specific functionalities:

  • Section A: for tasks such as naming and sharing the app
  • Section B: for search, sort and filters
  • Section C: the overall view of data, metrics and aggregations

Relevance AI - Explorer naming, search, filtering, sort and main view sections

  • Section D: for a list view of categories/clusters, their metadata and comparison (only present if clusters are generated and viewed)
  • Section E: for looking at each data entry or entries within each category, alongside the metrics and customisable aggregations

Relevance AI - Cluster list and cluster card sections on Explorer

In the next pages, we explain each section and the corresponding parameters in detail: