Explorer: How To Auto-Generate Summary

When dealing with a big amount of data, clustering helps to break the data into meaningful categories. A useful next step is to get a summary over each category. Relevance AI provides you with the ability to automatically generate a summary over each category on the Explorer dashboard and under category/cluster view. So make sure a category/cluster view tab/page is setup and selected.

Generate AI summary

Categories are shown right under the overview section. Scroll down to the desired category/cluster and toggle on "AI Summary" on top right of the category/cluster. Select the main field using the drop down menue and hit "AI summarize".

Relevance AI - AI summaryRelevance AI - AI summary

Relevance AI - AI summary

When the process is finalised a new section appears on the page with information about the data included in the selected category.

Relevance AI - Explorer - AI summary for a clusterRelevance AI - Explorer - AI summary for a cluster

Relevance AI - Explorer - AI summary for a cluster

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