Hide/show Clusters

On this page, we will explain more advanced options when working with clusters on the Explorer app. First, you need to activate the cluster explorer mode as explained on Data and Cluster explorer or as instructed in the image below:


Relevance AI - Set up Cluster explorer in the Explorer App

Scroll down to see the individual clusters (i.e. cluster cards) and you will have access to advanced setup options on the bottom right.

Hide/Show Clusters

In different scenarios, you might want to hide a cluster. For instance, a cluster might not be useful for the insight you are looking for. Simply click on the advanced setup option on the bottom right of the corresponding cluster card and hit "Filter out cluster".


Relevance AI - Hide clusters on the Explorer app

Another way of hiding clusters is to enter the cluster id under the filtering option when clusters are set. You can also use this option to get the clusters back by deselecting the ones in the list.


Relevance AI - List of hidden clusters on the Explorer app

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