Inserting Centroids

How to insert your cluster centroids into Relevance AI

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Centroids from your clustering algorithm describe the 'average' of each cluster. You can insert these centroids into RelevanceAI to facilitate:

  • Future acceleration of vector search
  • Ability to identify the cluster a new document can belong to
  • Ability to store the centroid vectors with relevant metadata such as a topic

What you will need

You will need to have followed the quickstart clustering guide.

Code Example

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The following code extracts the centroids from the clustering algorithm and adds this information to RelevanceAI.

DATASET_ID = "quickstart_clustering"
VECTOR_FIELD = "product_image_clip_vector_"

centers = clusterer.get_centroid_documents()
    dataset_id = DATASET_ID,
    cluster_centers = centers,
    vector_field = VECTOR_FIELD,
    alias = "default",

Once you have stored your cluster centroids, you can view them using the following code.
    dataset_id = DATASET_ID,
    vector_field = VECTOR_FIELD,
    page_size = 10,
    include_vector = False,
    alias = "default"

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