Installing RelevanceAI

Relevance AI is tested on Python 3.6+ on Windows, Linux and MacOS.


The easiest way to install our Python SDK is to run:

!pip install -U RelevanceAI

This installation provides you with what you need to connect to RelevanceAI's API, read/write data, make different searches, etc.

The SDK Reference can be found at

Installation from source

This will install the latest version of our Python SDK:

!pip install git+

For editable installation:

git clone
pip install -e .

Setting Up Client


Free for individual use. 100K free requests for commercial use.

Sign up for your free at, no credit card required! You can view our pricing here at

After we install, we want to also set up the client. If you are missing an API key, grab your API key from in the Settings area and let's get started!

from relevanceai import Client 

You can sign up/login and find your credentials here:
Once you have signed up, click on the value under `Authorization token` and paste it here
client = Client()
Get your Auth DetailsGet your Auth Details
Get your Auth Details

Once you've retrieved your authentication credentials, you can instantiate your client in future in the following manner.

from relevanceai import Client 

project = <API Project>
api_key = <API Key>

client = Client(project=project, api_key=api_key)

The key can also be found here:

Find your API and project key here in SettingsFind your API and project key here in Settings
Find your API and project key in Project Settings

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