Name, save, share

The first section on the Explorer App provides with tools such as naming your Explorer app, saving the changes, and sharing the app with your peers. As can be seen in the following image, there are 7 components to this section.


Relevance AI - Explorer top section

Access to saved apps

Marked with "A" in the image, it is a drop-down menu of all saved Explorer apps for the selected dataset. Simply click on the down arrow and select your desired app.


Relevance AI - Select different saved views on the Explorer

Assign/edit the app name

Marked with "B" in the image, clicking on the button will open a window shown in the image below. Type in a name, optionally a description and hit save.


Relevance AI - Assign or edit the Explorer app name.

Share the app

When the app is complete and you are ready to share the insights with your peers, simply click on the share icon which is marked with "C" in the first image. Click on "Generate shareable link and copy the link from the window.


Relevance AI - Share the Explorer app

Quick feature tour

Clicking on the "intro" button will show you a brief introduction to the component of the page.

Shortcut to dataset and dataset setting

A quick way to access the data and the setting page is via the "dataset" button. The two options "View raw data" and "Update settings" will take you to Data and Settings respectively.


Relevance AI - Shortcut from Explorer to data

Save the latest changes

Don't forget to hit the "Save Changes" button otherwise, all changes will be lost when closing or switching to another page. This button is deactivated (grey) when there is nothing to save and activated (blue) when there are unsaved changes on the page.

Configure different Explorer apps for a single dataset

If you wish to create multiple Explorer apps for one dataset, the "New view" button is the tool. Type in a name, select the creating option that suits you and hit "Create the new view".
There are 3 creating options:

  1. Use Current changes where you save the current changes under a new app
  2. Use blank configuration where a black page is created and you want to set up the configs from scratch
  3. Copy: "THE NAME OF THE CURRENT APP" where a copy of the current app is created

Relevance AI - New app on Explorer

Learn about search, sort and filtering in the next page.