Preparing data from CSV / Pandas Dataframe

Often our data can come in the form of a CSV or from a Pandas DataFrame. This guide will show you how to upload such data into the Relevance AI platform.

Inserting CSV/Pandas DataFrameInserting CSV/Pandas DataFrame

Inserting CSV/Pandas DataFrame

Cleaning the data for upload

In the code below, we will

  • read in a CSV file in Pandas
  • add a unique identifier (_id) column to each data entry using the UUID package
  • convert the data to a list of Python dictionaries that are JSON serializable


When Uploading a dataset to Relevance AI, you require a _id field per document!

An _id field is a required unique identifier of each document - the uuid package is a great tool to generate such an identifier!

To my data, I will need to add a column named _id, which represents the unique keys associated with each document. Note that the index field name must be exactly as _id.

import pandas as pd
import uuid
import json

def csv_to_dict(csv_fname: str, num_of_documents: int=2000):
  df = pd.read_csv(csv_fname)
  df['_id'] = [uuid.uuid4().__str__() for i in range(len(df))]
  return json.loads(df.to_json(orient='records'))


APIs do not accept Pandas DataFrames directly!

APIs are universal messaging systems, which means they are designed to be usable across all languages and computers. Therefore, Python-specific classes and objects like Pandas DataFrames cannot be passed through the API.

However, APIs do not accept Pandas DataFrames. Therefore, we need to transform our dataset into a dictionary with the right properties (i.e. each document must be a dictionary containing fields, values must be universal data types such as strings, floats, arrays (Python lists), etc.).

A small sample is shown below:

    {"_id": 0,
  "product_name": 'Alisha Solid Women"s Cycling Shorts',
  "description": "Key Features of Alisha Solid...",
  "retail_price": 999.0
    {"_id": 1,
  "product_name": "FabHomeDecor Fabric Double Sofa Bed",
  "description": "FabHomeDecor Fabric Double Sofa Bed ...",
  "retail_price": 32157.0
    {"_id": 2,
  "product_name": "AW Bellies",
  "description": "Key Features of AW Bellies Sandals Wedges...",
  "retail_price": 999.0
    {"_id": 3,
  "product_name": "Alisha Solid Women"s Cycling Shorts",
  "description": "Key Features of Alisha Solid Women"s...",
  "retail_price": 699.0
    {"_id": 4,
  "product_name": "Sicons All Purpose Arnica Dog Shampoo",
  "description": "Specifications of Sicons All Purpose Arnica...",
  "retail_price": 220.0

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