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Signing up with Relevance AI is free and provides you with an access key to the platform.

Sign up

To sign up go to Relevance AI webpage, click on Sign up.

Relevance AI web page and the sign up link.Relevance AI web page and the sign up link.

Relevance AI web page and the sign up link.

You will be directed to another page on which you can either sign up with Google or another email. Fill out the form with your desired email address.

Relevance AI's sign-up page.Relevance AI's sign-up page.

Relevance AI's sign-up page.

Welcome to the platform. You can access your API key and other settings from the menu on the top right.

Access to SettingsAccess to Settings

Access to Settings

API setting pageAPI setting page

API setting page

You can read more about the settings at Settings.

Next step: upload a dataset.

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