A best practice guide to tagging

Best practice for good tags

What is a good tag?

  • Is the tag precise?
    This means that the tag properly conveys the intended topic and minimises opportunity for ambiguity. There are several ways that a tag can be not precise. For example:
    • “Pricing/dollars, incl. deals”
      • Could be split into 2 separate tags: “Pricing” and “Deals”
    • “Convenience of Site” → “Close Proximity”
    • "sydney" -> "Sydney" (Capital letters matter!) and similarly "Product Condition" -> "product condition" will help the AI
  • Is the tag concise?
    This means that this is not an incredibly wordy tag. A tag should not have unnecessary words where possible as this can dilute meaning.
    For example:
    • “Good Customer Service” → “Customer Service” (unless you are specifically looking for the good component of the word. This is important because good customer service will not tag customer service but customer service will tag good customer service).

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