Upload your dataset

Relevance AI takes care of storage and fast data retrieval.


Make sure your file is a valid Json or CSV

You can upload your valid CSV or JSON files under your account via the Relevance AI's platform.

Dataset upload

Once your data is collected save it under CSV or Json and you are ready to upload it to Relevance AI.
1- Sign in to your Relevance AI account and go to the Datasets tab as shown in the image below. Use the guide at Sign up with Relevance AI if you have not created your account before.

Upload a dataset, 1st stepUpload a dataset, 1st step

Upload a dataset, 1st step

Next, type in a name for your dataset and hit the Create Dataset button.
Note that the name cannot include any capital letters.

Upload a dataset, 2nd stepUpload a dataset, 2nd step

Upload a dataset, 2nd step

Select the file from your computer and hit Continue.

Upload a dataset, 3rd stepUpload a dataset, 3rd step

Upload a dataset, 3rd step

We check your file format before uploading it to the platform. If you see the following message, your data is ready to be uploaded. All you need to do is hit Continue.
If the check does not pass, you need to make sure your file is a valid Json/CSV and then retry.

Upload a dataset, 4th stepUpload a dataset, 4th step

Upload a dataset, 4th step

You can see your dataset under the Dataset tab now

New dataset is listedNew dataset is listed

New dataset is listed

Clicking on an uploaded dataset will direct you to the dataset view page on which you have access to a variety of tools and menus for observing your data or changing the settings. Read more about it on Datasets.

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