Lists all the dataset and it's detailed information and statistics in a project

Returns a page of datasets and in detail the dataset's associated information that you are authorized to read/write. The information includes:

schemaData schema of a dataset. (returns same data as /dataset/{dataset_id}/schema)
metadataMetadata of a dataset. (returns same data as /dataset/{dataset_id}/metadata)
statsStatistics of number of documents and size of a dataset. (returns same data as /dataset/{dataset_id}/monitor/stats)
vector_healthNumber of zero vectors stored. (returns same data as /dataset/{dataset_id}/monitor/health)
schema_statsFields and number of documents missing/not missing for that field. (returns same data as /dataset/{dataset_id}/monitor/stats)
active_jobsAll active jobs/tasks on the dataset. (returns same data as /dataset/{dataset_id}/tasks/list)
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